“Steel is Real” at Cresco Bicycles

Cresco Bicycles is expanding our commitment to quality steel frame bicycles.  We are excited to announce that we have become Iowa’s first All-City dealer.   All-City will join our existing line-up of quality steel bikes.  Jamis offers several models, such as the Coda, Satellite, and, of course, the Dragon, which is constructed of Reynolds 853 tubing.  We also stock Surly, which is experienced in steel frames and produces the well-known Karate Monkey, Long Haul Trucker, Cross Check, Pugsley, and more.

We are very excited to add All-City to our line-up.  All-City, which is a relatively new company, specializes in steel frame cyclocross and road bicycles.  They use high-quality Columbus Zona and Chromoly steel tubing for their frame construction.  The folks at All-City are passionate about their bicycles, and their attention to detail demonstrates their commitment to produce heirloom-quality steel bicycles.  Keith and I received our first shipment of All-City bicycles last week.  We are very impressed with these bikes and discover a new detail on the frame everyday.  These are beautiful bikes that will last a lifetime.

Stop on over at Cresco Bicycles and take a look and a test ride.  If you haven’t experienced a steel frame bicycle, it’s worth a visit.  All-City, along with Jamis and Surly, allow our shop to offer a full spectrum of steel frame bikes to meet the needs of everyone.  The strength, durability, and riding characteristics of a quality steel frame are hard to beat.

Paul Lovell
Cresco Bicycles

We’re Moving

Cresco Bicycles is excited to announce that we will be moving to a new location in April.  We have outgrown our current building.  Although we and our customers love our current shop and its atmosphere, we decided it is time to expand.  Our increased business and ambitious goals have necessitated an increase in retail space, repair area, and storage.  Here’s our new building (…just envision “Cresco Bicycles” across the front!):







We won’t be moving too far, just kitty-corner across the street.  Our new address will be 220 North Elm Street.  The building will offer 3,800 square feet of retail and repair space on the main floor and an entire basement for storage.  Keith and I will strive to keep some of the old shop ambiance.  Our heads are already spinning with plans for shop design and decor.  We will keep you posted on our grand opening, which will probably occur in mid-April.  We look forward to seeing you and serving you in our “new” shop.

Paul Lovell