A New Adventure

Keith and I finally made the big step.  Cresco Bicycles has expanded our shop hours: Monday – Wednesday 9AM-7PM, Thursday 9AM-6PM, Friday 9AM-7PM, and Saturday 10AM-2PM.  I recently left my job as RN/Surgical Assist to work full-time at the bike shop.  After the past 18 months of co-owning the shop, I have decided to pursue my passion for cycling and focus on this business venture.  It has been a difficult decision for me and my wife, but we realize that life is too short to waste opportunities. In light of rising gas prices, the obesity epidemic, and increased digital interactions, I believe Cresco Bicycles can make a very real impact on the health of individuals and communities.  We will strive to promote cycling as a force for positive change and hope to see you soon.

Best wishes.

Paul Lovell, Cresco Bicycles